Friday, January 7, 2011

Anniv Trip Pics Pt 2: Oregon Garden

The Oregon Garden probably looks better in... garden season.

Nevertheless, we found some nice things to look at in December.

(Heh, heh, heh...)

RED! :) I like red things.

It turns out God is the one who determines the color themes of holidays.

Here is our hotel, from the garden.

Here is the garden, from our hotel.

I want this in my yard. I have the grapevine. Now I just need the arbor.

Different arbor. Cool metal art.

This oak tree is over four hundred years old. All sorts of nifty things have been written about it. Here is Jeff, a big guy, dwarfed by an even bigger, much older, not at all wiser tree.

Water droplets! I like water droplets.

Leaves. Excellent.

Maple especially.

Red berries. :)

Red bushes. :)

Jeff likes this water feature.

A red promise. (Of spring, of course.)

More red berries. :)

Yes! I took a picture of something that is not red!

More water droplets. :)

A very, very mossy rock.

Green! Water droplets!

It's me! I'm the red berry, and God is the "vine" that is hanging onto me.

(Also, you can see my umbrella in the berry.)