Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Want to Be by Her

I am home alone all day with the dogs. They follow me everywhere. It is stinkin' annoying.

I imagine their internal commentary to be roughly thus:

"Oh, look! She is sitting down! I want to curl up next to her on the couch. I will put my paw up so she knows I want to be by her. She does not want my paw up. I will pretend I did not hear her tell me to take it down. She is not letting me onto the couch. I will curl up at her feet because I want to be by her."

"Oh, look! She is standing up! Oh, look! She is stretching! Her arms are way up in the air, so high! Oh, look! She is walking! I will get right in front of her so she knows I am here because I want to be by her."

"Oh, look! She went into that room and closed the door. I cannot get in. I will listen. I miss her. I do not know when she will come out. I have been waiting many seconds. I will whine piteously so she knows I am still waiting right here on the other side of the door because I want to be by her."

And so on.

I know I'm not being original. Neither are my dogs. The point is that they pay closer attention to what I'm doing than I do. They watch my every move.

Every. Move.

But even though it is stinkin' annoying, it also reminds me that they are not the only ones paying attention to my every move.

Thankfully, God's commentary is vastly different than that of my dogs.

It's totally mind-boggling to think that God has a commentary on my every move. But He does. He is with me. He is with you. He is singing about us, as a matter of fact (Zeph. 3:17).

I forget this a lot. The bit that God is always with me. Remember that old 80's bumper sticker: "God says it, I believe it, that settles it." Remember that one?

I'm more like this: "God says it, I forget it, that muddles it."

Jerry Bridges says, "The promises of God are as real as the circumstances you are in. Your circumstances say 'God has forgotten you.' Your circumstances say, 'I look for God, and just when I need God to come through for me, God doesn't seem to be any place.' That's what your circumstances say. The promise of God says, 'I will not leave you. I will never forsake you.' And that promise is just as real as the circumstances you are in. And so by faith, we look beyond our circumstances and we look to the promises of God."

So... yay for being really, um... adored.

Double yay for what it teaches me about God's promises.