Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Fixer Upper: Kitchen Evolution

This is what our kitchen looked like on the first day we came to view our house.

This is what the kitchen looked like after we finished tweaking it in the beginning.

We left the cupboard above the cooktop bare and empty with the intention of installing a range hood microwave there.

Two days ago, Jeff began to install that range hood microwave. It was a complicated process because the goal was to hang a 50 lb appliance from the paneling and 1x1 strips of wood that held the island walls in place. The false ceiling further complicated matters because Jeff would have had to go through it to the true ceiling, which is still dropped, and then through that to get to the joists that might be sturdy enough to support the unit.

None of that was really a huge problem for Jeff, Master of Home Repair. He proceeded nonchalantly. But he had to take the back paneling off to put supports in. After he ripped it out, he called to me, rather gravely, "Uh... you need to come here..."

I fully expected to be shown something gross, like a dead rodent, or an ant farm growing in the island wall, or something else undesirable.

Instead, what he showed me was... space.

I walked around and viewed it from the kitchen side. Yep. More space.

Quickly calculating, I determined I would rather have spices in a rack on the counter, and the cooking oils could easily go in the pantry. Who needs cupboards, anyway?

Hope welled within me as I imagined... a kitchen without walls...

Our way was clear. Step one: Snap a shot of the original paneling underneath the cupboard frames. For posterity. Oh yeah, baby.

Step Two: Be Joshua and fight the battle of Jericho.

Step Three: Take a deep breath and give a happy sigh. :)

Did I mention this transformation happened in four hours? Yeah. That's how good Jeff is.

He does this for a living, by the way. Your kitchen could be next.

I'd call these "after" pictures, but there's really no such thing as "after" in a fixer upper.

The next time I show you my kitchen, you will see a white microwave where the black one is, all the cupboard doors installed, pantry doors hung, the fluorescent lights hiding behind their white screen, permanent caps on the new pony walls, and red knobs on all the cupboard doors.

But I think it's lookin' pretty good in the meantime, don't you?