Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fake Buttercup

Mom, Jeff, the boys and I walked up Fake Buttercup on June 5. I say Fake Buttercup because I learned recently that the hill we climbed is not, in fact, Buttercup. I've always thought it was. But it's in front of the real Buttercup. So now I call it Fake Buttercup. :)

See it? The left bump peeking out from between the trees? That's Fake Buttercup. It was exactly 5K from Mom's house to the top of Fake Buttercup and back. How pleasing. Almost as pleasing as saying Fake Buttercup.

God painted this nearby field yellow. He's such a great artist. This was one of my favorite views.

Speaking of favorite views...

Look at those broad shoulders! Mine. Aaaaaaaaaaaall mine.

The Brothers Grimace. "I am smiling..."

The top! And as my mom would say, "Dowwwwwwn in the valley... laaaaaaaaaay the city." Do you see her house? What? You don't? It's right there...

One of Jonathan's life goals was to climb to the top of a mountain. Mission accomplished. He posed like this in honor of his climbing hero:

Of course, Daddy was on top of Mount Borah in this shot. But still. Gotta start somewhere.

James was also pleased with his victory, although it was more mental than physical. He wanted to turn back early on, and Jeff whispered some sort of magical secret voodoo in his ear that kept him going. I'm so proud of him. He favored another of his climbing hero's poses:

Dad is at the top of Donaldson Peak here. Another of Idaho's tallest.

This pose reminds me of a cartoon my dad always kept on his bulletin board of a man in full rock climbing gear standing on top of a rock that's about three feet off the ground. He's shouting, "Yes!" and the caption reads, "Todd didn't let being a chronic underachiever get in the way of his passion for rock climbing." It's just funny to me. Here are pics of Dad atop the tallest mountains in Idaho, and here's me atop the shortest hill down the street from Mom's house. Not that I'm Todd the Underachiever. I know I'm doing great for my specific limitations and blah, blah, blah. It's just funny. And it's what I'm laughing about in the photo.

Dad tried to take me to the top of Fake Buttercup about eleven years ago, and I had to turn back onaccounta I was recovering from typhoid fever and intestinal bird flu, and I just didn't have the strength. Look, Daddy! I made it this time! Missed you, though. I'm quite disturbed by the fact that I would not have made this climb if you were still alive. I can't reconcile that. But God can, and He loves me. That's all I need to know.

Mama missed Daddy, too. She's cryin' in this picture. Smilin' through her tears. My brave, brave mama.

Group photo! Thanks to a passing hiker.

This is one of my favorite shots from the hike. Not only is my mama brave, but she also worked diligently to form friendships with my boys during our six-month stay in Idaho. Her heart is so big and she taught me so much while we were with her. I love you, Mama.

I turned the camera around for this shot, and I was very intent on figuring out how to snap the photo. I think better with my tongue sticking out. Fake Buttercup is to the left, and we have mastered it.