Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Logic's a Bit Hairy...

Dad: Jonathan, what do you want for dinner?

Jonathan (age 6): [no answer]

Dad: You could have coffee for dinner...

Jonathan: I don't want COFFEE for dinner!!!

Dad: You don't?

Jonathan: No! I'm too young!

Dad: Aw, come on. It'll put hair on your chest.

Jonathan: I don't WANT hair on my chest!

Dad: What? Don't you wanna be like your dad?

Jonathan: Well, yeah. But less hairy.

Dad: You mean you wanna be totally bald?

Jonathan: No. I want hair on my head. I just don't want hair right here [patting chest] or right here [patting arm].

Dad: Why not?

Jonathan (age 6, mind you): 'Cuz I wanna be attractive to the LADIES.

Well, Jonathan... lemme tell ya... your dad's hairy forearms are definitely attractive to this lady...