Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thank You :)

I love this group. I've posted about them before. Conveniently, they released their new album in mid-April, and Jeff bought me the digital version with extra bonus tracks. My first favorite song from the album is Fix You. Thank you, Jeff. :)

One of my favorite characters from the apostate version of Pride & Prejudice is the music by Dario Marianelli. The last time I watched the movie a few months ago, it occurred to me there was probably sheet music for this particular character. Playing the piano helps me grieve, but all of my music is at home, along with all the good piano music I stole out of Mom's music trunk when I moved out and got married. Slim pickin's 'round these parts. I've been playing through John Thompson's Modern Course for the Piano, so Dario Marianelli is very welcome. Again, thank you, Jeff. :)

I used up my last journal at the beginning of February and have since been suffering from enforced journaler's block. This beautiful companion will get those journaling juices flowing again. Thank you, James. :)

The Lord is my light and my salvation. Beautiful verse, beautiful bookmark. A readin', writin' mama can never have too many bookmarks. And look! It matches my Bible. Thank you, Jonathan. :)

This is Faithful Phil, but you'll have to wait to find out why he's called that. He gets his own post. My music buddies gave him to me. Mom is in an ensemble at church, and they have graciously allowed me to accompany them this spring. More recently, they've even consented to let me boss them around in sectional rehearsal, and they are very gracious about it. Facebook told them my birthday was on rehearsal night, so they presented Faithful Phil to me when Mom and I showed up. And check out the pot. Just my style. Thank you, Steph, Tricia, April, Lori, and Gloria. :)

These cards remind me that my sons have completely adorable handwriting, my husband can write in code (*heart* u > ever b4), friendship is a blessing, the Lord my God loves me (Deut 23:5), my family in Oregon misses me, and I am a treasured sister. Thank you, Jonathan, James, Jeff, Velma, Grandma, and Sis. :)

Speaking of Grandma and Sis, they don't know it yet, but they went in together to get me this new purse. My red hobo from Target has lasted me a few years now, but lately, I'd been finding chips of cracked leather on my clothes, and I realized one day that whenever I go out, I either carry my purse plus an armload, or my purse plus another bag. Time to upgrade. It fits everything I normally carry, and, of course, it's red. Thank you, Grandma and Sis. :)

This was a tough birthday. Exactly four months since Daddy died. My first birthday without him. Exactly forty-two years since my parents met. Dad died when I was 33. Now I'm 34. Just a reminder that each day, I'm one day farther away from the last time I saw Dad.

But regarding that thought process, another thank you is due. I mentioned the above to a friend of mine, and with a twinkle in her eye, she changed my perspective completely. She said, "Don't look at it like that. Think of it like this. Every day brings you one step closer to the day you'll see him again."

What a beautiful thought. Thank you, Sky. :)