Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Update

Hello, everyone. It's time for an update.

I don't really think it's time for an update, but other people do. Emphatically. Sometimes with all caps and exclamation marks. :) So here's an update.

Jeff and I and the boys are still in Idaho helping Mom. She is working to get her house ready to sell (or rent as needed in this market) by July 1. Jeff is doing cosmetic upgrades to the house, at Mom's request. A lot of patch and paint prep. I am helping Mom sort through her stuff. The goal is to pare down 3,200 square feet into about 1,000 or so square feet.

See why I said it's not time for an update? I feel like I'm repeating myself. If you're bored of reading this (like I'm bored of writing it) please feel free to delete it and move on with your life.

We plan to be here until the end of June. We have put the boys in little league here, and their season ends June 25. This coincides with Mom's church's VBS, which is also at the end of June and which the boys soaked up like dry sponges last June when we came for a visit.

At some point before the end of June, we may or may not have a massive yard sale. The jury's still out. We did clear a giant space in the garage, which I obsessively marked off with blue tape, and we're filling it up with yard sale stuff. We also have a "kids pile" which is full of stuff Mom wants to pass on to her kids or I insisted they should get dibs on before it went straight to the yard sale. Who knew that what she got for $1 in a yard sale in 1972 would become a family heirloom. One mom's junk is another kid's treasure. I'll be photographing all the stuff in the kids pile so we can view it online and draw straws for it. Or, having the picture of the item might suffice in the sentiment area, and it can go in the yard sale anyway.

Mom leaves tomorrow (May 13) to go to NW Washington to visit her mom and some of my siblings for several days. She is heading in the direction of moving to NW Washington after her house sells or supports itself, hoping to live near my brother and his wife and their sweet son, about an hour from her mom. This is still up in the air.

Speaking of my brother and his wife and their sweet son, they will be bringing Mom back home on May 24 and will stay for a week to help her. I'm especially looking forward to my brother's handyman/administrative personality combo, and my sis-in-law's eye for staging. I'm also looking forward to watching my just-turned-one-year-old nephew toddle around. I hear he's walking now. :)

While Mom is in NW Washington, Jeff will get the entire house ready to be painted. We already bought the paint. Mom let me pick it out on the condition that I not choose bright red. :) I didn't. It's creamy-ish. The name of the color is "Isadore."

While Mom is away, I will be catching up on school with the boys. I can't *wait* to see how *excited* they are when I tell them this. I'll also be doing some of the projects I can do without Mom, like organizing and filing Dad's papers, organizing his computer files, making a scrapbook of all the sayings he had taped to the wall of his office, taking pics of the kids pile and posting them online, talking to the lawyer about transferring the house title to Mom's name, etc.

I'm posting this all over creation, so if you continue to feel un-updated, it's out of my hands. (I'm just teasing. I know it's been months since my last update.)

That's about all I can think of, except to say that spring in the Idaho mountains is quite lovely, and God's love is amazing beyond words.