Monday, January 25, 2010

Faithful Companion


June 14, 1998 - January 25, 2010

A faithful dog will play with you
And laugh with you, or cry
He'll gladly starve to stay with you
And never reason why

And when you're feeling out of sorts
Somehow he'll understand
He'll watch you with his shining eyes
And try to lick your hand

His blind, implicit faith in you
Is matched by his great love
Unconditional and steadfast
Akin to God above

What will I do without you
My precious, furry friend?
Part mischief but all blessing
And faithful to the end

You looked at me with eyes of love
You never held a grudge
You thought me far too wonderful
To criticize or judge

It seems your greatest joy in life
Was being close to me
I think God knew how comforting
Your warm, soft fur would be

You thought that you were human
And I wish it had been true
The world would be a nicer place
If folks were more like you

Eleven years and more we had
Until we had to part
The life we shared together
Will forever warm my heart

Rest well, sweet Casper. We love you.