Wednesday, December 2, 2009

While I'm Away...

The boys went to Grandma's house to spend the night tonight, and Jonathan was only allowed to take one stuffed animal with him. Concerned the rest of his friends would be lonely while he was away, he very courteously gave them something to do until his return, which I discovered shortly after he left. Check this out.

Here's the overview.


The cow enjoys Garfield, apparently. So does that weird ax nose toy thingy I've never been able to identify.


A Christmas teddy bear and the elephant, named "Rrrrrrrrrry", are engrossed in B.C. The elephant is especially talented. He's reading upside down.


Clockwise from the giant fish, we have... a giant fish, Wolfy at the back, Fiery the Dragon, and the peeking-in head of Stompy the Dinosaur. These fine friends peruse Jonathan's very own artwork.


This guy, behind "Rrrrrrrrrry", gets a book all to himself. He's a dino, so he's reading about dinos. Makes sense. (Actually, he's a mutated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle... who was mutated already... hence the use of the word "Mutant" in his name... so...)


Obviously, Calvin & Hobbes is by far the most popular choice among stuffed animals. I mean, Hobbes is stuffed, so, you know... he's living their dream. At the back is Flippy the Giraffe, and moving forward, we have a hammerhead shark whose name eludes me, then a nameless puppy, a teeny tiny McDonald's stuffed animal of some kind, and right in front is the beloved Sagwa. Sagwa almost went to Grandma's house with Jonathan, but I said he could only take one, so Sagwa had to stay home because, apparently, she's married to Super Bunny and they don't like to be separated. Not sure why they aren't together reading about Hobbes. Maybe Super Bunny had to work or something.