Saturday, December 5, 2009

Learning to Fly: Travel Edition

I have spent the past two days in the hospital, holding and cuddling my very precious, very brand-new twin nephews. I hope to write more about this glorious miracle in a separate post.

Today is Saturday. We are leaving on Monday to be gone to my parents' house for the entire Christmas season, and to Jeff's parents' house for the New Year, and for our ninth anniversary after that. We won't be back to this house until the first week of January.

During the two days I have to prepare of our trip, we have nearly an entire day of Christmas programs at church. James sings in both services in the morning, and the boys are at the church for the program for about four hours in the evening. (Note to family: We are filming the program, and we will make you watch it.)

After we drive all day on Monday, through what are supposed to be severe snowstorms, we will spend the night with friends and drop Jeff off at the airport early Tuesday morning. Then the boys and I will drive another couple of hours through snowstorms to get to my parents' house. Then I will curl up in the fetal position and twitch for twenty-four hours, thankful to be alive.

After I rest for a day or two, my sweet mama has graciously agreed to let me FLY at her house. I asked her if I could work on her hot spots, rescue her rooms for five minutes, declutter, and keep adding baby steps. She said yes. Thanks, Mommy. :)

So the next FLYing post will come next week sometime, with brand new hot spots to be magicked away from Christmas decor and holiday spirit. Until then, pray for the three S's. Strength, safety, sanity.