Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Learning to Fly: Day 16

I did all my routines today. I also washed every dish in the entire house and washed, dried, folded and put away eight loads of laundry. I also put away another, oh, five or so loads of clean clothes that have been accumulating dust in my bedroom. Very happy day. So much grace of God. Thank You, Abba.

For my Five Minute Room Rescue today, I chose to sort the laundry. Bleh. Vicious cycle.
This is what Laundry Sea looked like before I started.


Fifteen minutes later, I had created eight lovely, laundry-basket-shaped icebergs in Laundry Sea. These piles gave me the incentive I needed to actually run the loads through the washer and dryer. My sweet Laurie graciously let me have her Laundry Day turn, AND, this afternoon, she came upstairs and helped me fold clothes!!!! Heaven-sent Laurie.


Tonight, I'm happy to report that Laundry Sea has been completely drained. Again, thank You, Abba!!

See my cool red stool? I got it for Christmas in something like 1981 or so. It's my oldest Christmas present. I will love it forever and ever and ever. It says, "Step up to be tall, sit down to be small."