Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Learning to Fly: Day 15

First, a word about today's Five Minute Room Rescue. I think I may be done rescuing the boys' room. Of course, it needs rescuing frequently, so I'm sure I'll be back. But here's the thing. I'm not sure how much to try to govern the boys' beds. It's like trying to stem the tide. An exercise in complete futility. Their beds will be their own responsibility once I start them on the Riley Challenge. Until then, my general feeling toward their beds is... meh.
Nevertheless, here is James's bed before I rescued it.
And after. Cute, but useless. Especially today, of all days. The boys switch bunks every month. Today being December 1 (yesterday to all of you), they switched beds tonight. So it's back to the way it was before I started. They just throw each other's things all around until everything is situated to their liking.

Ah well. I have little boys. What can I say.

Today's new task was to make my own bed. Grumble, grumble, grumble, roar. That's how I feel about making my bed.

This is how it normally looks. I don't like this either. It elicits a teeny tiny grumble, roar. Every day.

Please pause for a moment of cuteness.

Okay. Here's my bed-making dilemma. Jeff and I use separate blankets because we both like to cocoon. But his blankets, while extra cozy, don't match my d├ęcor at all. So making the bed seems extra useless because when it's made to look nice, it's not made to climb into. If I make the bed in the morning, I have to remake it every night, so that we can actually use it. Well, I ain't doin' that.
My first try at a workable solution is here. I put his blankets on his side and my blankets on my side, and then I covered the whole business with the duvet. We'll see how it goes.