Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yahweh Yireh: Portraits

I can't say I actually prayed about school portraits because the sentence never formed in my mind, but I thought briefly about them and mumbled something like, "Well, Lord..." And I hadn't even thought about Christmas pictures yet.

Yesterday, Ewe at Day by Day, At Home, Away posted a link the photo card giveaway that Freebies4Mom is hosting. Not only could I get 50 free Christmas photo cards including shipping, but offered 100 free prints (ordered separately) to all new customers.

I went to their site, designed a cute Christmas photo card, and punched in my order. Which has already shipped, by the way. But we usually send out a little over a hundred Christmas letters, so I needed more photo cards. No problem. I went to PhotoShop and designed this:

Fifty of these will make up the other half of the hundred or so we usually send out at Christmas.

That left 50 unallocated free prints. Aha! School portraits! I scrolled through recent photos of the boys to find any snapshots I could use, but in the end, I did a little photo shoot.

It. was. hil. LARIOUS. Check this out:

I settled on this one for James:

And this one for Jonathan:

Then I went to work in PhotoShop, learning three extremely wonderful and nifty new tricks in the process. I learned about extracting backgrounds, the history brush, and the eraser. I'm in PhotoShop heaven.

Here's the end result for James:

And for Jonathan:

I'll order 25 copies of each, to complete my order of 100 free prints. I had no idea when I woke up on Saturday morning that God would provide all of our Christmas and school portraits this weekend.

He is truly Yahweh Yireh, the God who sees beforehand and provides in advance. Our provider and yours.