Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Morning Questions

James usually wakes me up in the morning by asking me very random questions I simply cannot wrap my brain around in my slumberous stupor. His questions usually meet with a furrowed brow and rapidly blinking eyes. No mother should be required to be this bewildered alone, so I'm passing my bewilderment along to you. Read on.

James: Hey, Mom. What do you think Calvin's mom, Calvin's dad, and Ms. Wormwood are? Human or alien?

James: If someone in our family was being redundant, and they mentioned coffee, would they say, 'Coffee! Latte! Cuppa Joe!'?

James: What do you think the Gotham City Mad Hatter's evil laugh sounds like?

James: What do you think it would be like if we lived in Gotham City and I was NOT Batman?

James: How many orange dogs are there?

James: Do you think they'll make a new Peter Pan called Peter Pan: The Legend Begins?

James: Do I have a catchphrase?

James: What type of comedy do you think Miss Piggy was created for?

James: Who is the youngest living creature in this room in dog years?

And one from Jonathan that was just way too cute to keep to myself:

Jonathan: Did you know that if you have two mice, then pretty soon, you will have a lot more mice?