Sunday, November 29, 2009

Learning to Fly: Selah -- The Director's Cut

Thursday: Thanksgiving at Grandma's
Friday: Coast Shopping Trip with Jeff's Family
Saturday: Fibro Day
Sunday: Church Activities

God did a wrestling-with-Jacob type thing for me on Saturday. I intended to FLY that day, but I woke up having apparently slept wrong on my leg/hip. Both throbbed sharply, and I could barely walk. Couple that with my regular fibro-ish need to rest after prolonged activity, and the result was that I only ventured out of my chair a handful of times that entire day.

It was odd. If I had not tweaked my leg, I know I would have tried to pushed through my FLYing tasks. God knew that too, obviously. I think He caused my hip/knee pain to force me to take the rest my body needed. When I woke up on Sunday morning, all the pain was gone.

While force-resting on Saturday, God poured this truth into my heart. (Oh, and check out the girl on the right in the first slide after the verses. She looks freakishly like me.)


(You may need to go to my blog to watch this video.)