Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Learning to Fly: Day 7

Today I got dressed (in the morning!) and washed my face with all my special face-washing products that I got so long ago they should be all used up by now. My face has felt soft and happy all day.

Jeff rinsed all the coffee grounds out of the sink, and I only had a few chunks of old food to dig away from the drain. My sink is now clean, and I will shine it before I go to bed.

I think my favorite FlyLady messaging format is her Facebook wall. For some reason, I find that format easier to assimilate than my inbox. I must say I'm not reading all the material, but I am skimming it. That's somethin'. And I read all my post-it reminders in the kitchen and bathroom.

But Day 7 really began for me by going back over my Day 5 verses and adding a couple. I found this step to be necessary to my participation today. My hunch is I will need this pep talk very frequently, so...

I put the verses on my fridge. This paper graphic you can barely see is called "Old Love Letter" and you can find it in the "actions" section at Finesse FX, my new favorite graphics site. I thought love letter paper was appropriate because what's printed on it is God's love letter to me.


My sis made me this. I love it. A lot. Check out her other cool stuff.


I chose this hot spot to work on because I'm tired today, so I wanted a spot I could actually get completely clean in two minutes.


Alas, there were layers. Two minutes of digging resulted in this.


But it only took me another 1:46 to finish. So that's happy.


Just for kicks, I decided to tackle my dusty lampshade.


Took 4:44 to achieve this. Not perfect, but much better. Looks way better from a distance.

The new task for today was to lay out my clothes for tomorrow. One of the reasons I have trouble getting dressed in the morning is that I have a tendency to wear stretchy clothes all day long... aaaaaand then all night long. So the next morning, I can't find a logical reason to get dressed, because... I'm already dressed. Sort of. I've been trying to remember to wear pajamas to bed, but sometimes I forget.

So before I laid out my clothes for tomorrow, I laid out my pajamas for tonight.


It feels weird (but good) to lay out my clothes. My mom used to have us lay out our clothes if we were going on a trip or an adventure the next day. I'm not planning anything more ambitious tomorrow than a shopping trip, but maybe my tasks for Day 8 will hold marvelous adventures untold. Every day's an adventure when you're FLYing!