Thursday, November 12, 2009

Learning to Fly: Day 4

1) Shiny sink? Check!

(Only had one cranky conversation with my husband in which I used words like "sabotage" and "hurt" regarding coffee stains in my pristine porcelain sink. He directed my attention to the lack of dirty dishes, food chunks, and actual coffee grounds in the sink, and I had to eat my words. Baby steps, Becky, baby steps.)

2) Dressed to the painted toes? Check!

(Did my hair a new way that made me feel so pretty that I added earrings and mascara. Beginning to enjoy "dressing up.")

3) Read the digest? Check!

On Day 4, I was instructed to put up more post-it notes. Whew! I can do that! One on the bathroom mirror (which, because I'm FLYing, I now visit every day), and one above the kitchen sink. These are to be the start of my control journal.
I didn't put "are you dressed" on the bathroom mirror post-it because if I'm at the bathroom mirror, I've already done that step. I just kept the "get dressed" post-it by the toilet paper. And I didn't clean the mirror before I took this picture because that would have been a lie.

This post-it is above the sink.

Right next to my cheery, encouraging gift from Miss Landlady Laurie.

And I just have to say, isn't this the cutest, coziest kitchen corner in the whole wide world? Check out that window! Deep enough for Jonathan's bean-growing extravaganza. And that light fixture! Gorgeous! I love it.