Thursday, November 12, 2009

Learning to Fly: Day 3

Today I have no snazzy pictures because my task for Day 3 was to repeat Day 2. :) Pretty cool, actually. It's hard to begin new habits, and I think two is just right for now. I'm intrigued by how difficult it is just to repeat the previous day's tasks. Another reason I need the FlyLady.

But Day 3 was also to include reading FlyLady's encouraging notes. She sends me a digest every morning that I can peruse at my leisure. I like it because it doesn't fill my inbox with clutter. I also became a fan of FlyLady and FlyLadyKelly on Facebook.

Gosh. This post is boring.

Anyway, I did all the Day 3 things. Thanks You, Abba. :)

Two things I liked:

1) FlyLadyKelly described cleaning out the fridge and it actually sounded fun. I didn't do it, of course, but I was encouraged by the fact that I'd done half of her method just last week. Happy.

2) FlyLadyKelly does something called the Riley Challenge, which is BabySteps for kids. This is what I really needed because, again, I'm not the one making mountains of clutter around here. So this will be implemented amongst my cute sons, and they will love it. Or else.