Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Learning to Fly: Day 2

Well, did I make it out of my pajamas? I'm sure you're all waiting with baited breath.

But first, four motivations to get dressed. I seriously need ridiculously iron-clad reasons for getting dressed. "Everybody's doing it" is simply not good enough for me. If I don't know why I'm doing something, I'm just not going to do it. Not without an enormous amount of kicking and screaming, anyway. My mom knows this to be true. She's nodding her head right now.

1) My aunt, cousin, and two first-cousins-once-removed graced our home with a delightful visit last Saturday. It was very wonderful to see them! :) If only I hadn't been wearing pajamas with holes all over in them and a skanky spaghetti strap tank top barely covering my sports bra! And if only I had shaved my face! And if only I had shaved my face the day before that! And the day before that! *sigh* I did take time to change into my fav pink shirt, but I didn't step out and shave. They, of course, didn't care a whit. But I did.

2) My cousin brought me a super cool new shirt on Saturday, which I wore to church on Sunday. It covered all the roly places, and I felt petite and confident. I hugged a couple of people, then made my way to my seat. Someone nearby had pretty rank body odor. I sniffed. I shifted my eyes discreetly without moving my head. It took me a full two minutes to realize where the smell was coming from. OH MY FREAKING WORD!! Please! For the love of God! Swallow me NOW, Church Pew! See, my new shirt covered my roly places, but it couldn't cover up the natural perfume wafting out of my pits. Need I say more?

3) I've noticed that if I get dressed and coiffed, even just hanging around the house, it does wonders to quiet the negative self-talk screaming out of every mirror I pass.

4) And the flip side of that same coin. If I'm dressed and coiffed around the house, then when Jeff tells me that I am beautiful, which he does several times a day, I believe him.


This is my fav pink shirt. I put it back on after church, and I was still wearing it yesterday afternoon. Note the spaghetti stain from the previous evening's dinner.


These are the aforementioned pajama bottoms, with a sampling of holes. I put them back on after church, too. Second verse, same as the first.

Really, even I, with my need-to-know attitude, couldn't find any reasonable justification for staying in these clothes. So...


The FlyLady said I had to fix my hair, but it was beyond fixing. So I had to wash it.


And since I was in the shower anyway, I thought, "What the heck. I'll wash my skin, too." My cousin, Samantha, gave me this body wash from Bath & Body Works just before they discontinued the line. I've been saving it... for... when I take a shower.


Yes! Not pajamas! Such a cozy ensemble for a crisp fall day.


Not gonna have a repeat of Sunday morning, lemme tell ya.


Hey, look! I'm a Colgate commercial! Jeff's mom gave me this snazzy toothbrush. It massages my gums and makes my teeth real shiny! Like my sink!


Of course, for me, this little friend is a necessary component of my morning routine. (I use the term "morning" rather loosely.)


Note the lack of hair anywhere around these two items. I didn't clean them up for the photo. It's obsessive quirks like this that led me to believe I didn't need the FlyLady.


We don't wear shoes in the house. (But you don't have to take yours off. No worries.) I keep a pair of shoes by the front door (well, we keep all of our shoes in bins by the front door) in case I need to go out, but I'm just not going to get dressed to lace-up shoes, FlyLady. However, I will paint my toes for ya!


Happy feet! And happy coiffed Becky!


FlyLady said I should put a post-it on my bathroom mirror reminding me to get dressed every morning. Well, I don't normally visit my bathroom mirror, so a post-it there would get very lonely. Jeff suggested I put it next to the toilet paper dispenser because, well, I do visit that every day...


And my final task for Day 2 was to make sure my sink was shiny before I went to bed. It's a miracle! I did a whole bunch of dishes yesterday (which all seemed to get a little cleaner in my clean sink), and I cleaned the basket and soap dispensers and sponges and dish drainer and everything. This is the result. A functional workspace. So pleasing.

By the way, I got that Dawn Hand Renewal dish soap on sale. It's lavender-scented, which took a few days to get used to, but the front of the bottle ain't lyin'. It really does produce softer, gentler hands in only five uses.

So, Day 2 was a smashing success! Wahoo!

And I want to make one thing clear. Day 2 was a smashing success because God has lavished His grace on me. What you are witnessing here is not Becky doing a good job with her life for two days in a row. You are witnessing the pouring out of the amazing grace of Almighty God. This is not, "Look what I did!" This is, "Look what HE did!"

I love You, Abba.

Oh, and a bonus motivation. This morning, Jonathan sidled up to me with doe eyes and cooed, "Mom, whenever you, ya know, change your look, it makes you even... more beautiful."

Shucks, folks, I'm speechless.