Monday, November 30, 2009

Learning to Fly: Day 14

Today's Five Minute Room Rescue was extra, extra cute.

Now, I'm sure I could have shimmied under there, but that would have been laborious and claustrophobic. I opted instead to enlist the help of a very nimble contortionist.







Pausing to play with a toy. Like the dogs from Up. "Squirrel!"



"Look, Mom! I found my very first magazine!"


I started the timer after Jonathan went on his merry way, and it took me about ten minutes or so to get everything put away. This is what this space is supposed to look like. Yay! We're done cleaning under the bed! Only two more areas to rescue in this room: James's bed, and Jonathan's bed.


For my hot spot, I chose the Remains of Thanksgiving. (We spent a night at Grandma's again.) I tackled this spot first to lift the albatross of overnight paraphernalia off my back.


I actually worked in this area, sort of, for about forty-five minutes. I did the hot spot across from this one, I sat down cross-legged and examined again all the Christmas gifts I've purchased for family, and I picked up clutter elsewhere in the house that was related to the clutter in this area.

It's okay that I turned two minutes into forty-five minutes today because I'm in trip prep mode, and I don't have enough days between now and when we leave to give everything a cursory two minutes. I need to get it clean and keep it that way. If I don't, my little head will explode.

And I just had to take a real picture of this spot. This is one of my favorite spots in my house. Isn't this the coolest built-in hutch you ever saw in all your born days?

The new task for Day 14 was to read FlyLady Kelly's essay about using a calendar. She said to post one somewhere for the whole family to see. We have school calendars that the boys use, and Jeff is anti-calendar ("That's why I married you," he banters cheerfully). And it's true. I am the keeper of the schedule around these parts, and Google Calendar is my bestest, bestest friend.

Look. I'll show you.

Here's our schedule for December. I blurred out all pertinent information, so don't bother stalking me. All the purple smudges are the birthdays of family and friends. Google sends me an email reminder the day before each birthday, and then I send online birthday greetings to my peeps.


This is the same calendar. Google lets me hide some stuff and show other stuff. In the very same calendar, I hid all the family events and created a sleeping schedule for the 19 people in my family who will spend Christmas together this year. SO EXCITING!

My healthy calendar habits are firmly intact, but I'll print a copy of the family calendar for the boys. They'll like that.