Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Learning to Fly: Day 12

I didn't feel like flying today. But SuperChick says, "And no matter how you feel, it's what you do that matters. Get up, go through, press on."

And does it seem weird to you that I keep posting photos of clutter?

It's a little weird.

For today's Five Minute Room Rescue, I first had to find the part of the room I wanted to rescue. James currently keeps these bins in front of his bed at night. This is a new development. He's begun to experience certain fears, and these bins, called The Bed Blocker, keep any monsters from coming out. So precious.


The Bed Blocker is also a Clutter Blocker, which has its pros and cons. Currently, no new clutter is accumulating under the bed, but there's also no clutter coming out. This is today's "before" picture.


This is after five minutes. Not much visible difference, but I did find permanent homes for a couple of stray items. Tomorrow's rescue will look more profound.


A new hot spot for you. So far, we've seen the school table, the octagon table, the front door corner, and the entry closet. This is the dining room shelf. Other hot spots yet to be viewed are the dining room table, the coffee table, and the bathroom counter. That's pretty much all the hot spots in the main living area. That's eight hot spots. At two a day, they'll all get picked up just about twice a week or so. I feel good about this.


After two minutes. Just a couple of things left to remove.


So, from left to right, we have Benny the Box Turtle in his tank, a foam pumpkin, a weather vane, a soil classification jar, a barometer, and an indoor spring simulation. Theoretically. I don't think spring has quite sprung yet, though. Not enough warmth and light.


Today's new task was to delete all the FlyLady emails out of my inbox.
How did she know I'd saved them all? They get their own inbox, but still. An especially useful task because I mostly keep track of FlyLady on Facebook. See? For the past three days I haven't even read what she sent me. Which is perfectly okay with me, by the way.


"17 conversations have been moved to the Trash." That feels good. But also, look at my super cute gmail theme. Isn't it cute?

In other news, because I made Miss Julia promise me that if I didn't mention it she should keep me accountable, I did my entire before bed routine last night, including laying out my clothes, and my entire morning routine this morning, including showering. I intend to take a selah on Sundays, but I didn't intend to carry mine over to Monday. Work six days, rest for one. Not two. But as Sweet Samantha reminded me recently, the key to FlyLady is to pick up where you left off, and as Kiert pointed out, FlyLady gives me permission not to be perfect and thereby yields better results, and as Angi encouraged a few days ago, the real key to flying is doing it with God.

"Blessed are those whose strength is in You, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage. As they pass through the Valley of Baca, they make it a place of springs; the autumn rains also cover it with pools. They go from strength to strength, till each appears before God in Zion." ~Psalm 84:5-7