Friday, November 20, 2009

Learning to Fly: Day 10

Today, God gave me the most miraculous, spendiferous jump start to FLYing. Amazing blessing I could never have orchestrated nor executed. Super, super, ridiculously, marvelously cool.

(Made me happy, in case you didn't catch that.)

But first, check this out.

You'll recognize this room from yesterday. It still looks mostly like it did at the end of the first Five Minute Room Rescue, plus a bin of Imaginext visiting from the dining room. I say "visiting" because even though the Imaginext bin is supposed to live in the boys' room, it is Jonathan's favorite toy bin, and he has it out every day. Usually for several days in a row.

Same with James and Legos. He sets up these elaborate games on the coffee table in the living room, and I only make him pick them up once a week. Before this compromise, every time I asked him to pick them up, I met with the panicky, "But I'm not finished with my gaaaaaaaammmmmmmmme...!!!!!" However, he likes structure, so once a week works for him. He now picks them up of his own accord every Saturday morning. What a great kid.
What a difference five minutes makes! Who knew five minutes for just two days in a row could cause my chest to unconstrict so successfully? Very, very happy. There's more to do in this room (haven't shown you anything to the left or right of the camera yet), but seriously. Look at this giant open space of floor! How cool is that!!


Moving on to my morning hot spot, I chose to tackle this monster of a corner right by our front door. We spent the night at Grandma's house last weekend, and when we got home, we just dumped everything right here. Bleh.

Plus a random carpet shampooer...

Anyway, unpacking from trips of any length is the absolute BANE of my existence. Hate it, hate it, hate it. I've been known to leave trip paraphernalia unattended for up to a month because I hate unpacking so much. So I was very sure this would take HOURS. Big, big mental block against this corner.
After two minutes.


After another six minutes, three seconds. Do you get the significance of this?!? My trip stuff was all picked up and put away in less than ten minutes!! This is huge, people!! I'm tellin' ya!! HUGE!!!

Now. The new task for today was entitled "You can do anything for fifteen minutes!"

Despite FlyLady's cheerful exhortation, the thought of doing something for fifteen whole minutes at a time still filled me with dread. I wanted to say, "But I have fibromyalgia, FlyLady." Ah, my trump card. The Great Excuse. But even fibro gals can do anything for fifteen minutes.
FlyLady said to pick up trash for fifteen minutes, but I'm extremely Type A about trash around the house, so I opted for fifteen minutes of dishes. (I think I'm Type Z about dishes.)


Nice, little dent, I'd say. Got all the way back down to the dishes I first pulled out of the sink when I shined it on Day One! And by the end of the day, even the dishes you see here were clean. All that's in the bin tonight are rinsed dinner dishes, which I'll wash in the morning. This is really and truly a miracle. You have no idea. Total. Miracle. From God.

Oh, boy, oh, boy!! Are you ready to hear about my miraculous, spendiferous, amazing, marvelously super cool jump start I could never have orchestrated nor executed?!?

Well, this afternoon, we got a call from some friends of ours who asked if they could stop by in a couple of hours. First of all, I was SO THANKFUL I'd already tackled the monster hot spot by the front door. Secondly, I was doubly thankful I had already fixed my hair, shaved my face, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and put on decent clothes. I actually felt ready to receive our guests.

But the jump start came at the hands of my amazing husband. He straightened the living room, put the laundry away, vacuumed all the floors, mopped the bathroom floor, disinfected the toilet, cleaned the bathroom counters, wiped off all the kitchen counters, swept the kitchen floor, lit candles, and set apple cinnamon something-or-other to simmer on the stove. Whew!

The hot spots I was planning to tackle next?
The cesspool of bathroom grime soon to meet my sponge?
The dog-hairy, spot-speckled, dirt-smudged floors?
The crumby, icky, sticky, spotty kitchen counters?
The ever-encroaching tide of clutter I can't hold back?

Who in the world gets to start FLYing in a clean house?!?

Not many people.

So thank you, guests, for dropping in. :) It was so very nice to see you.
And thank you, Jeff, for working alongside me today. You're my hero.
And thank you, Abba, for the boost of a Cleaning Day as I learn to keep house for You. Your grace toward me is very great. Your love for me is unfathomable. And I love You, too.