Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yahweh Yireh

Jeff and I don't know why God has kept us in this place of material need for so long, but we have determined one verifiable fact:

Our need displays His splendor.

As we seek to follow after Christ, we are going to give Him glory by telling you about His provision in our lives. We've already done this to some extent, but we want to be more purposeful about it.

But first, a word about Yahweh Yireh. "Yahweh" is translated "Lord" and "Yireh" is translated "Provider". A more common interpretation of the Hebrew which you may have heard is "Jehovah Jireh". The phrase literally means "The Lord Will Provide".

The term "reh" means "to see". This communicates that Yahweh sees our need beforehand, and provides at the right time. The Lord WILL provide, meaning He already knows the need.

So not only does the name Yahweh Yireh speak to God's ability and desire to provide, but it also describes His omniscience. There's POWER behind His provision.

Two simple Hebrew words that take so many English words to explain!

Hebrew: Yahweh Yireh

Becky's English: The Lord of the Universe knows everything. He sees all of the past, all of the present, and all of the future. He sees everything you will ever need. He will provide everything you will ever need.

This is God's NAME. Get it? It's not whimsy, based on your righteousness, which is like filthy rags anyway. It is His NAME. It is WHO HE IS. It is in HIS NATURE to provide for us.

Yahweh Yireh is two things to me:

1) Absolutely trustworthy. To distrust His provision is to say to Him, "No, that's not really Your name." It'd be like my saying, "Hi, I'm Becky," and you replying, "No, you're not." Uhhhh... yes, I am. Lately, despite His obvious proof otherwise, I've been trying to tell Yahweh His name is not really Yireh. I'd like to stop arguing with Him about this.

2) The best, big, fat secret-keeper in the whole wide universe. Always "need to know" with Yahweh Yireh. I tell ya. But if He revealed His plan, I would stray. I know this. By keeping secrets from me, He keeps... me. He keeps me needing Him. And while my flesh rails against that reality, my spirit is actually perfectly, knowingly, contentedly safe in that place of need. Which is a total miracle.

I can't wait to start sharing God's specific provision with you.