Friday, October 2, 2009

Three Powerful Answers to Prayer

1) My cousin, Sam, is still pregnant. She went into labor at 27 weeks, but the hospital stopped her contractions, and she's now 29 weeks and still pregnant. She's also 4cm dilated. Almighty God is keeping her babies from open air. He is doing this because we asked Him to, I'm sure of it. I asked Him specifically to seal Sam up to keep those babies in. He is doing it. Hey, He holds the universe together. He can hold Sam's womb together too.

2) Our 11-year-old boxer, Casper, is not only still very much alive, but he is also healthy. Eighteen months ago, he appeared to be showing signs of impending death. That would have been right around the time boxers usually enter into their rest (where e'er that may be). But through a series of very unfortunate events, Jeff had missed out on several years of Casper's life. We brought him to live with us and began praying that God would keep him around longer than normal so Jeff could catch up a little on the years he missed. God is answering our prayer to the fullest measure. Sure, Casper is a little stiff when he gets up if he's been laying down, but he can still bound up long flights of stairs, watch out for robbers, and sense Jeff's every mood. He is a walking, breathing miracle. Seriously. Boxers don't live to be 11 plus years old. And if they do live this long, they're all debilitated and belong in doggy assisted-living facilities. But not Casper. God has breathed life into his old bones. This amazes me every day.

3) My friend, an inner city missionary in Florida, gave somebody a ride home last night. The rider pulled a gun and demanded my friend's money. My friend refused, and pulled a "Jack Bauer" on the guy, in his words. He ended up getting shot in the wrist at close range. I have been praying for months and months very specifically for my friend's safety. Here's how God answered my prayer: my friend is not dead, my friend's hand did not get blown off, and despite the multiple surgeries it will take to repair all the shattered bones in his wrist region, my friend still has the use of his hand. God has protected my friend, just as I asked Him to.

Our God answers prayer.