Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Funnies

Jonathan came out of his bedroom tonight with pieces of broken dollar store slinky cradled in his hands. I promised him we could get six more for a dollar and explained this wasn't a big deal, but only a little deal.

Sensing I wasn't taking him very seriously, he said, "But they're third in line, you know. And you're seventh."

"They're what?"

"Third in line. And you're seventh."

"You mean, they're third in line for things you love?"


"And I'm seventh?"


Turns out Jonathan loves the following things, in the following order:

1) God
2) Stuffed animals
3) Toys (including broken slinkies)
4) James
5) Losing teeth
6) Dad
7) Mom
8) TV

Yes! I rate higher than television! But not as high as cheap plastic toys from the dollar store.


Jonathan: I'm staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarving...

James: I'm moooooooooooooore starving...

Dad: I'm the most starving because you know what?

James & Jonathan: What?

Dad: I haven't had anything at all to eat today. I didn't have any breakfast, and I didn't have any coffee, and the only thing I've put in my mouth today is...

James [disgusted]: Mom's spit?