Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hackin' Halloween

We've been sick, sick, sick all week. Midweek it became apparent that we would not be able to go trick-or-treating house to house tonight.

What to do?

I have a very misty memory of four-year-old me at my grandparents' house one Halloween. They lived way out in the country with no neighbors, so we went to all the outside doors of the house and collected candy from grandparents, aunts, uncles, and older cousins.

So I asked our lovely landlords if we could trick-or-treat at various doors around their house. They were very willing to help out, but I was totally unprepared for just how special they would make this gloomy, sicky time by exposing their multiple personality disorders to the world for our benefit.

Here we are, getting ready to head out. On the left, we have a Crimson Marionette. On the right, we have a Pumpkin Head.

Pumpkin Head makes his way down the street.

At the first door, we were greeted by Elmo himself! And our very sweet Laurie. This was James's favorite.

Next we encountered a Monkey Man. (The monkey started out more ceremoniously draped, but he slipped before I snapped the picture.)

The Monkey Man made Daddy mysteriously disappeared, but such things happen on Halloween, so we continued on without him. We think he may have been transformed into Igor. (James's other favorite.)

A very sweet flower lady cheered the boys at the next door.

And they got to see their very first real-live biker!

They were even given candy from a nice, cute doggy.

A pleasant elderly fellow got out of bed just to answer his door for us.

And then we met a biker chick! And her pet Motorcycle Monkey.

This dog catcher was Jonathan's "first place tie" for favorite.

Jeff and I favored the pothead landlord.

This gal, the other half of Jonathan's "first place tie" for favorite, made the boys guess her superhero identity before she would give them any candy. Can you guess who she is?

My favorite crashed motorcyclist friend, Julia. Those crutches are real, folks!

And this is our very nice neighbor, Tim.

Thank you so very, very much, Tim, Laurie, and Julia!

Crimson Marionette, Pumpkin Head, Dog Catcher the 2nd, and Igor