Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Don't Blink or You'll Miss It

I'm playing fantasy football with my family this fall.

It. is. so. fun. I am having SO. much fun.

Jeff is in the family league, and the two of us also have a private league, comprised of one real team and one tribute team each. Last Sunday, not only did we compete in our private league as we always do, but we played against each other in the family league as well.

I had a good week. I beat Jeff in all three of the games we played against each other.

And I took screenshots of my good week, because it will soon fade into nonexistence, remembered wistfully by one person and one person only. You see, next week, I am playing the family league leader. And I will be slaughtered. And the week after that, I am playing the second highest scorer in the family league. And I will be slaughtered again. Then I will tuck my little tail between my little legs and sink back down to the bottom of the rankings where I belong.

So here, for posterity, and because if you blink you'll miss it, is verifiable fact that once upon a time, I did something (really rather un)important in a sport for which I still don't understand what constitutes a touch back. Or why, on the kickoff return, sometimes the guy waves his hand and no one tackles him, or sometimes he drops to one knee and no one tackles him, or sometimes he runs and makes no yards, or sometimes he runs back for a touchdown. Whatever.

These are the overall family league standings. For now. Last week, Jeff was second and I was... mmmm... fourth? Maybe? (See how quickly the moment passes?) But this week, I am second. And Jeff is sixth. Doh!

This is my final score for the week, and Jeff's score before Peyton Manning threw for over 300 yards for the third straight week and bolstered Jeff's score up to a whopping 147.

This is Seattle, beating New England. Truly a fantasy. But I love the Seahawks anyway.

These are the overall league standings for our private league. You can see, down below, that I am undefeated. And up above, for this week, I was again careful to take the screenshot showing my final score, but Jeff's before three of his players had taken to the field. His final score was 156 and he is actually 53 points ahead of me overall.


I'm done.