Saturday, September 12, 2009

Whatever It Takes

by Jonathan

Ready, guys?

There was this little boy named Calvin. It's not the 'Calvin and Hobbes' Calvin. I'm talking about one that is under six.

He's about five.

I used to think I was his big brother, but then I realized he's an orphan.

Guess what happened when I found out he was an orphan. I had to take care of him. We had three dogs, three turtles, two bunches of fish, two bearded dragons, and two box turtles.


(Oh yeah. Include the burp. Please.)

Now, guess what happened to me and that little boy. When he was a baby, I thought he was a female. He knew he was a male.

We had a nice, comfortable house. It was a boxcar. We were called 'The Boxcar Twins'.

He was born in 2002; I was born in 2001. It took pretty long for us to find out what our names were.

To be continued...

(I need to think up the rest. I'm stuck there.)

See ya!