Thursday, September 17, 2009

Storm in Review

February: Becky's dad has heart attack.

March-June: Jeff, Becky, James and Jonathan leave church, job, housing, friends, and life as they know it.

July: Family friend is captured by Taliban.

August: Becky spends most of month debilitated by intestinal flu. Jeff runs out of work. Family nearly runs out of food. Jeff and Becky learn temporary housing will soon end. Jeff has no job.

September: Becky's cousin goes into pre-term labor with 27 week old twins.

Becky gets really, really mad at God. She says to Him, "This is the last straw. If You take my cousin's babies, I will leave You." (But she still capitalizes 'You'.)

Becky tells husband she is irritated that everyone else in the world is responding to cousin's pre-term labor with greater faith. Tells him she sees no point in praying because God will do whatever He wants anyway.

God whispers to Becky's heart, "Let Me love you." He reminds her that He is not using twins as pawns. He cares for them.

Becky says to God, "I can't sort this all out, Abba. I can't grasp all this pain and suffering. It started with Dad's heart attack, then exploded into the church thing, then translated to Bowe, then catapulted into our blank future, and now my cousin. What are You doing? The worst part is that I can't find You."

The phrase "I can't find You" sparks song in Becky's head. She sings the lyrics to herself. She bawls.

And then, even though none of her circumstances have changed even one teensy bit, she is filled with peace.


So let's recap.

February: Becky's dad survives heart attack.

March-June: God allows Jeff and Becky to leave unhealthy situation, and provides them with new church, housing, real friends, work, and rest.

July: When soldier is captured by Taliban, hundreds of millions of people around the world begin to pray as they have never prayed before.

August: God provides all of daily food needs. Jeff and Becky begin to seek God like never before.

Today: Becky's cousin is stable, the hospital staff was able to slow her contractions, and her babies are still nestled in her womb, gaining strength moment by moment.