Monday, September 14, 2009

Sons of Thunder: Expect the Unexpected

Jonathan: The ice is turning to water. It's evaporating.
Mom: It's melting.
Jonathan: Well, I say 'evaporating.' It's a bigger word.

Jonathan: I like the story of Moses and the Ten Laws.
Mom: Commandments.
Jonathan: What?
Mom: Usually, they're called the Ten Commandments. Commandment is another word for law.
Jonathan: Well, I say 'Moses and the Ten Laws' because 'law' is shorter. I have to save my breath. You hafta use your breath for talking, ya know.

Jonathan: If someone was 90 feet tall, would an elephant be up to his or her knees?

Jonathan [in bathroom, chip clip on nose, in nasal voice]: See, Mom? Stinky bathrooms are a thing of the past!

James: Is conversation a dying art?

James: Hey, Mom. Do you think when I grow up, I'll be able to make a real swimming pool entirely out of legos?

James: If you had wings, and your head got chopped off, would you still fly?

James: Let's see... first we have reading, and then writing...
Dad: Then arithmetic!
James: What's arithmetic?
Dad: Math.
James: Oh.
Dad: School used to be all about the 3 R's. Do you know what the 3 R's are?
James: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle?