Thursday, September 24, 2009

In Which Becky Discovers Her Poetry Niche

James has requested that each Friday here at Adventure Academy include something he calls Recess Quest.

So we made the boys a treasure hunt.

I was going to put pictures of the location of their next clue on each card, but Jeff made faces at me (his primary form of communication), so I asked him if riddles would be better. He nodded.

I freaked out. "I can't write riddles!"

He frowned at me, confused. Apparently, he thought riddle-writing was one of my hidden talents.

I calmed down when I remembered my riddles didn't necessarily have to rhyme. Good.

Avoiding the riddle thing as long as possible, I started by making a nifty graphic. A photo on the side, a cool Indiana Jones font for the title, the Indiana Jones subtitle font underneath, and shoot. I needed text so I could complete the formatting.

Discarding the idea of lorem ipsum, I vomited the following poem through my fingers at lightning speed, surprising myself. Check this out:

I read it to Jeff. He rolled his eyes and mocked me in his charming, supportive way, mimicking my voice and exaggerating my panic, "Help! I can't write riddles... I can't rhyme... Help! Help!"

Buoyed by my fingers' ability to spit out cheesy rhyme, I set to work making fifteen rhyming riddle clues, tailored to geniuses aged 6 and 8. I think my stellar new talent is so hilarious that I have decided to share all of my freshly-composed riddles with you.

Here goes:

When you wear your shoes
these go on your feet first
But your little toes think
that they are the worst
They live in a drawer
and roll up two by two
Just waiting for winter
when they’ll visit you

This clue can be found
in a place you can’t go
Unless you ask first and
Mom doesn’t say no
The small dogs live down
at the bottom of these
And so does your clue
Don’t forget to say please

This clue might be stinky
when you finally find it
It’s hiding someplace
where the stink is behind it
Surrounded by footwear
that covers your toes
To look in the bin
you should cover your nose

This little contraption
helps us drive in style
But the one with the clue
has been resting awhile
We see what’s behind us
when we look in this
We find cars on our tail
that we don’t want to miss

It cushions your head
from the dusk til the dawn
It lulls you to sleep
as it watches you yawn
The tooth fairy visits
this warm, cozy place
When one of your teeth
falls right out of your face

(That one's my favorite.)

This next clue is found
where you get education
In adding, subtracting
and multiplication
This basket holds blocks
of all colors and sizes
Right now it will lead you
to happy surprises

This fiberglass chamber
is where we get clean
We shampoo and lather
and come out pristine
If there’s extra water
our cats' tongues will lap
And if it’s all dry there
our Rosy will nap

Some of us ride this
with wheels to help train
Jon just got a new one
the color’s insane
And right on the handle
you’ll find your next clue
You’re over halfway now
and doing great too

“You go to your bed”
tells your furry best friend
To curl up inside of this
little dead end
But right now there’s
something else hiding within
If you find some more
you will be sure to win

CLUE 10:
This clue will be cold
when you first pull it free
It’s hiding with treats
we call Mr. Freezy
We really have two of
these ice box machines
And we use them both
all of the time, by all means

CLUE 11:
Mom won’t let you touch it
It’s out in the yard
It’s really not ours and
we might break it hard
It’s been there for years
and it’s not very new
It does rhyme with dragon
Starts with W

CLUE 12:
You’ll find the whole
alphabet on your next clue
And right there beside it
a squeaky friend too
It can’t open doors
and it won’t help you surf
But it will help you navigate
your online turf

CLUE 13:
The next place you’ll go
is a little bit tricky
It has a wet tongue that can make you all sticky
But watch out because
it keeps moving around
It cannot play dead
but it does leap and bound

CLUE 14:
Your very last clue
is now finally here
It leads you to someplace
your family holds dear
In that place you’ll always
find something to munch
It’s where you make dinner
and breakfast and lunch

You did it! You did it!
You finished the quest!
The treasure you found
is the treat you love best
Enjoy your great snack
and be sure to have fun
You’ve earned your reward
now this quest is all done!

Oh, yes. I'm a children's book author in the making. Yep.