Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Adventure Academy: Quest Itinerary

School begins around 9am to 9:15-ish or so. Sharp. ;)

We don't have a time schedule beyond that, except we have lunch no later than Noon.

In the morning, we do this:

Pray together
Bible together
Jonathan History
James History
Jonathan Read-Alouds
(James Piano Practice)
James Read-Alouds
(Jonathan Piano Practice)

The boys love this, because they are each on break while I work with the other. Happy, endless breaks.

It usually takes us all morning to do that bit. Then we break for lunch, somewhere between 11:15-ish and Noon. Our lunch break is around half an hour or so. While I'm making lunch, James walks Rosy and Jonathan walks Casper. (Or rather, Casper walks Jonathan.)

After lunch, we do this:

Handwriting together
Spelling together
Silent Reading together
Jonathan Language Arts
James Language Arts
Jonathan Science
James Science
Math together

That's the end of academics, but I tacked a few chores onto the end of the day. James takes out the trash and Jonathan takes out the recycling. Then they each walk a dog. After that, we pray to end the day.

Then the boys careen around the house like wild primates, leaping and whooping.

And I open my laptop for the first time that day. I know. I'm shocked myself. Me? Not open my laptop until 3pm? It's a miracle. It's also been fabulous. I'm getting the dishes done. And the laundry. Well, sort of. Well, not really. Okay, never mind about the laundry.

We do the above every Monday through Thursday.

On Fridays, we'll do Music Theory, Piano Lessons, Spanish, and Art. We haven't done a Friday yet. I don't know how it's going to go. Should be fun.

Of course, I thought language arts would be a hootenanny because it's my favorite subject, but James "affectionately" refers to it as torture.

Ah well.

We've had smooth sailing with this schedule and there is one reason and one reason only:

The grace of God.

Thank you, Abba.