Sunday, August 23, 2009

How Is This of God?

We've had a weird summer. A bit nomadic. Super painful. Lots of surprises. Not much I've wanted to write about.


Because this blog, Abba Stories, is meant to focus on God by sharing about how He is working in my life.

But at times, I haven't quite been able to put my finger on which recent events are of God.

In other words, I lost my perspective.

I didn't lose my faith in God. His overwhelming provision has continuously left me in awe.

But I did spend some time being angry at Him for having ways higher than my ways and thoughts higher than my thoughts.

And I did spend some time in an emotional wasteland nobody but my husband really ever saw.

And I was quite numb and bewildered for a while.

I do believe that my life is a story that Abba is writing, but this summer, I've very much wanted to read ahead.

It took me a little while, and a bit of angst, and a great deal of time being bombarded with one object lesson after another, to remember that Abba's higher ways and higher thoughts are motivated by nothing less than His great and perfect love for His daughter, Becky.

It is God's love that has made this transitory summer not just bearable, but ultimately full of rest and peace.

It is God's love that has brought to our family provision of housing, food, clothing, and homeschool materials during this season of sporadic employment.

It is God's love that has covered my past and enabled me to move forward in relationship with those I love.

It is God's love that has enveloped me in new friendships I would never have experienced without the rest of my odd circumstances.

It is God's love that compels me to believe that His plan is good, He has our next house all picked out, He knows what Jeff will do for work, He has not forgotten any detail of our future, He has already planned for things I don't yet know I need, and He is not worried.

So how can I blog about this ripped-from-our-life-and-dropped-into-a-new-one summer as an Abba Story?

It is the story of God's love.