Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How Can I Keep You Forever?

Over at Love and Respect Reflects, a couple of husbands found a new perspective on their wives' desire to hear all the details. Go check it out.

I really like their new way of looking at it.

My husband frequently asks me, "How can I keep you forever?"

I always reply, "Tell me all your secrets." It is my greatest desire. Not because I am afraid he is keeping something from me, but because I am his biggest fan, so I want to know all the details.

But get this. Once I asked him back, "What can I do to keep you forever?"

His reply? "Nothing. I'll stay no matter what."

While he *is* quick with the one-liners, he meant what he said completely. He faithfully treats me with love and respect regardless of my actions toward him.

A true picture of Christ.