Wednesday, August 19, 2009

20 Viable Blog Topics

Got a list of things to blog about, but no time to blog them:

1) Our summer of retreat, in our home town, in our home church, in our home house, with our home family. They are totally amazing. We've been adopted. (So have they.)

2) My kids use lots of big words, like archeopteryx. I spent two months writing them all down in order to blog about them.

3) God calls David a man after His own heart even though David murders Uraiah and steals Bathsheeba. At the end of David's life, God has nothing but good things to say about David. He removed David's sin as far as east is from west. He does the same for you and me.

4) I filled in a little html map of all the places I've been, and I was going to post the map here.

5) I hiked a tall mountain. Didn't make it all the way to the top, but did climb taller than Mount Hood. So that's sayin' something.

6) My dad is writing a book about hiking, and I'm editing it for him. It's really super fun, and a great book.

7) God provided all the homeschool materials we needed even though we are on a shoestring budget right now. He's amazing.

8) We have to move again. Going to try to be somewhere else by Thanksgiving so we aren't moving during the holidays. No idea where we'll go or what we'll do. Not worried. God has a plan.

9) My friend sent me these amazing books in the mail, which I'd forgotten I ordered. Christmas in August!

10) I am going to be published in Guideposts magazine. One of my stories fit well into the Pass-It-On section for November. They condensed the snot out of it, which required a bit of rewrite on their part. Doesn't seem like it's really my writing at all. But they're paying me, so I'm not complaining. First time I've ever been paid for my writing.

11) It's hot here.

12) I found swimwear that works. It's a halterkini with shorts. Very cute. But I hated having to tie the strings of the halterkini aroud my neck. Made me feel confined. Jeff sewed the straps to the back, making it a tank top. Now I love it.

13) James goes to bed half an hour later than Jonathan now, onaccounta he needed some sort of age distinction. Now they fight way less. Very happy.

14) I have a big yellow ribbon for Bowe Bergdahl that I'm going to take a picture of and post here.

15) I'm redoing all of my blogs because I'm bored of my design and I don't have time to redesign them myself, and pre-made templates are cuter anyway. Coming soon.

16) I'm helping my landlord with a yard sale this week. And next. Two sales. At least. So ridiculously fun. I love, love, love organizing things. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Plus, my landlord is really so much more. She's my friend. A complete joy to work with.

17) Gracie has become the friendliest cat ever. When she wants to be. She's sitting next to me now, but if I were to reach out and pet her, she would look alarmed and affronted. But she gets mad when I pet Jack or the dogs. Weird cat.

18) Jeff and I sewed the most beautiful curtains I have ever seen in all my born days, and we put them up in our bedroom with 18 windows. It's magical.

19) Abuse victims protect themselves instinctively. By so doing, they kill their relationships. When they let go of the need to protect themselves because they trust Jesus to protect them instead, they stop killing their relationships. They don't need to protect themselves because God has that part taken care of. They're free to love others without fear. And Velma says the way to stop killing my relationships is simply to respond (nicely) to people when they communicate with me. So I'm practicing responding. It's good.

20) And last but not least, the money tree. A flowering, green leafy plant that dies and turns brown. Appears useless, but if you rub off the brown, you find beautiful, serene, pearly white inside. That's a metaphor. I'll let you make the connection on your own.