Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Leap of Faith

Usually, I'm verbose. Love lingering on the details of unfolding events and telling long stories in their chronology.

Got no time for that today. Going to go with bullet points.

Months spent discussing relocating: 13

Months spent actively seeking new situation: 4

Months spent telling God we'd leave as soon as He provided destination: 4

Weeks spent realizing we needed to go without knowing where we were headed: 6

Weeks spent knowing God was calling us out of Ur, just as He called Abram ("Abram, pack your stuff." "Where am I going, Lord?" "I'll tell you when you get there."): 6

Weeks spent refusing to head out without knowledge of destination: 6

Days spent staring out over cliff of faith preparing to leap off: 2

Total hours between leap and provision: 4

Hours, people. 4 hours. After 13 months of trying to do it our way.

Hours spent marveling at God's swiftness to come to our aid when we stepped blindly out over empty chasm in obedience to Him:


And counting.