Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tall Hair and Other OMSI-isms

Today, Jeff and the boys and I went to OMSI (pronounced "ahm-zee").

My favorite parts:

1) The Leonardo da Vinci exhibit, including an entire room dedicated to studying the Mona Lisa in great detail.

2) The Planetarium, explaining what we would see at 9pm tonight if we had clear skies. Way cool. And I loved that my kids knew all the Greek myths behind the constellation explanations. It's always pleasing to hear them ask the tour guides intelligent questions: "Where's Perseus?"

3) Feeling the simulated baby move inside the simulated womb in the prenatal development exhibit. Love that. So much.

James and Jonathan's favorite parts:

1) The saber-toothed cat skeleton. They desperately want to go to a dinosaur museum, but there isn't one in our area, that we know of. They were slightly disappointed that OMSI had no dinosaurs (right now), so the saber-toothed cat, from the "dinosaur period," was somewhat vindicating. (Even though we don't actually believe in the dinosaur period, being a Young Earth family and all.)

2) The Planetarium. Specifically Cancer the Crab and Leo the Lion.

3) The submarine tour.

This boat, the USS Blueback, was used in the filming of The Hunt for Red October. It was Captain Tupelov's boat. Remember? "We're going to kill a friend, Yvgeni. We're going to kill Ramius."

Our tour guide, a retired submariner with 20 deployments under his belt, did a reasonable job answering my son when he wanted to know if he knew anything specific or interesting about The Penguin's submarine. You know. Batman's nemesis? The Penguin?

The submarine tour guide said they take the propellers off submarines on display so people don't run off with the boats. And he was serious. "Got a whale of a tale to tell ya, lad... a whale of a tale or two...a whale of a tale and it's all true...I swear by my tattoo..."

Jeff's favorite parts:

1) "Dad, I wanna be an astronaut..."

2) The [Some Guy Whose Name Starts with a V] Generator.

In other words, my tall hair. I stood on a grounded box and touched that big silver ball, and Jeff wound a crank, and whoosh!

Thank you, Jeff, for my OMSI day. Love you.