Friday, April 17, 2009

Questions I Had to Come Up With Answers to Today

You know how photographers leave the shutters on their cameras open during thunderstorms or for night freeway shots?

Well, today, I left the "create new post" browser window open all day, and every time the boys asked me a random question, I copied it down. Here are today's questions, in the order in which they appeared.

"What's the most well-known punch? Is it upper cut?"

"Are Jedi good negotiators?"

"What is the dog thinking right now?"

"Do Garfied and Calvin & Hobbes have lots and lots of 'emenies'?"

"Do you know who gave Anakin his scar across his eye?"

"How bad does a hornet sting hurt?"

"How come 'Marley & Me' is a grown-up movie?"

"How many inches is it from me to James? How many feet?"

"Is it always night in Gotham City?"

"Do you like Batman's gadgets?"

"What does 'involved' mean?"

"Is there a Batman Wikipedia?"

"Wouldn't it be cool if we just looked like a normal family but we were actually special agents?"

"Why do you always force me to do stuff I don't wanna do?"

"Wanna know how many times I've 'sawn' a bowling alley?"

"Okay, so what's the dog thinking right now?"


So what do you think? Are Jedi good negotiators? If you add their encounter with destroyers on Naboo in Episode I to the complete destruction of their temple in Episode III, and you join to that their propensity toward simply planting thoughts into the minds of those they're "negotiating" with, I'd have to say... they don't so much "negotiate" as "force".

Ha! Get it? Force? Hey, Mom! Get it? They use the Force to force people to do stuff! Get it? Hahahahaha!!!!

Welcome to my world.