Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bearded Beauty: Razor Experiment

Bearded BeautyI'm pretty sure more men than women will relate to this post. My husband and I swap beard stories all the time.

Jeff can't use an electric razor because it yanks his hair out, hurts like the dickens, and leaves him with an ingrown chin. My beard is far thinner than his, and I can get by with the Norelco patented lift-and-cut system. But the blades of my Norelco are dreadfully dull and need to be replaced. So lately, I've had my five o'clock shadow first thing in the morning.

Jeff's been encouraging me to try shaving the old-fashioned way, but I haven't wanted to use my straight razor on my face because between my little hairs, I still have nice, soft, girly skin, and I thought maybe a real razor would rough it up too much. But today, on a whim, I bit the bullet. Didn't even use shaving cream. I just put my straight razor under running water, gingerly touched the blade to my neck, and went for it.

Oh my goodness! What a smooth shave! My face was so clear it almost looked like I'd been to the electrologist. Almost. And the face lotion slathered onto my chin afterward kept it from stinging for more than a minute or so.

I think I might be switching hair removal methods. Until I'm, you know, independently wealthy and able to plunk down $1,500 to be zapped by a laser.

If you have unwanted facial hair, how do you get rid of it? (Feel free to comment anonymously if you would feel more comfortable.)