Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Booger Courtesy

I fill a gallon pitcher with water every morning, and then the boys and I drink out of it all day long. Yep. We share germs. And don't worry: I always put a bit of lemon juice in there to diffuse the backwash my boys contribute throughout the day.

Today, Jonathan came in from playing outside for a drink of "Mom's water". Panting and gasping as five-year-olds do, he took a giant swig, then wiped his flushed cheeks and runny nose.

He froze for a second and studied the contents of the pitcher. "Mom," he commented nonchalantly, still panting, "A wet booger just got in your water."

"A what?"

"A booger. A wet one. In your water. I'm just telling you."

He wandered off as my stomach turned over. Wincing, I peered inside the pitcher. Sure enough, there it was, just barely noticeable, floating serenely on top of my pure, pristine, formerly drinkable water.

Forcing down my gag reflex, I called after Jonathan, "Thank you for telling me, sweetie!" He gave me a thumbs-up over his shoulder. Shuddering, I realized if he hadn't said anything, I would have mistaken his wet booger for regular old backwash and guzzled it right down.