Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tough Under Pressure

Ladies and Gentlemen this is Jeff, Becky's husband and I am honored to be pirating this blog momentarily away from my sweet wife.

I came up with the idea for the tough under pressure award as you may already know, and at the time I didn't plan to do anything else, what me post make a comment... NO Way! I was just trying to help Becky with her passion to encourage others. Well tonight that has changed, I am not just making a comment I'm posting, this is not significant to many, but you don't know that I don't write.  No really I don't, it's a defining characteristic trait of mine.  I go to great lengths to avoid writing.  When I was away from home as a young adult my mom begged and pleaded for me to send me something anything just to let her know I was ok.  I did, I sent her a postcard that said "Hi Mom, I'm OK Love, Jeff"  that was it.  So you see what  a big step this is for me.  I don't do this type of thing lightly.

Tonight I am issuing the Tough under pressure award to a blogger worthy of it. If you have been keeping current you know what's happened in her life recently. I want to tell her how proud of her I am in a way I know she'll understand.

So without further adieu; I present the tough under pressure award to:

 Becky at Abba Stories