Friday, February 6, 2009

Celebrating With Tears

I vaulted into action the second my brother called in the middle of the night to tell me Dad had a heart attack. That was very early Tuesday morning.

Last night, I finally had a moment to pause. I tried to read to fall asleep, and usually doing so quiets the thoughts in my head. But not this time. There was too much to process.

The thing is, instead of playing pinochle and watching Kung Fu Panda with my family, I could easily have been coordinating funeral preparations right now. Because my daddy almost died. I haven't been that scared in a long time.

I cried at the beginning, right after I got the first phone call on Tuesday. But last night, it hit me again. While IMing my husband, something he said about God's love for me brought on a fresh torrent of tears. And in my parents' living room, away from my husband's loving arms, with the rest of the house completely asleep, I sat, alone, and sobbed for half an hour. There was no one at all to comfort me.

And in the quiet of my tears of relief and delayed shock, Abba made His presence very known. He was there, as He always is, understanding every single thing in my heart, comforting me as only He can, being my true Rock, my true Strength, my true Peace.

I prayed this incident in my family would bring us closer to God. And it did.