Monday, January 12, 2009

Pay It Forward

Look what Liz gave me!

Thank you, Lizzy! :)

Liz at My Ice Cream Diary made me this beautiful bracelet and matching earrings, which I received just in time for Christmas. What a treat! :) She knew I loved the color red, and she took a stab at turquoise, and the effect was gorgeous!

Honestly, Liz, I have to say I used to love turquoise, and after a while I didn't like it because it reminded me of a sad occasion, but your bracelet has won me back over! It's really quite lovely. Yay for happy turquoise! And also, I just really love rocks. And I love the clicking noise this bracelet makes when I move my wrist. And the earrings are perfect! Just the right amount of dangle for my lengthening hair. Very pleasing.

Liz sent these to me as part of a great blogging community effort called Pay It Forward. You see, someone sent Liz some handmade booties for her new wee bairn, and Liz agreed to pass the love along to three more people.

She found three people to pass the love along to, and we all agreed to pay it forward to three more people. So now it's my turn! This brings us to a tiny conundrum: most of the Pay It Forward gifts are hand-crafted by very artsy bloggers. I am not artsy. I can't make bracelets and earrings. Or booties. And anyway, fibro makes my forearms cranky, so small hand and finger work isn't for me.

What to do, what to do.

While I awaited my new jewels in the mail, I pondered what in the world my uncrafty self could pay forward to three more bloggers. And I came up with something.

Blog design.

I'm a total amateur, I've taken only one all-day design seminar, and I use freebies from digital scrapbook sites for the graphics.

Would you like me to decorate your blogspot blog for free?

My design of your blogspot blog would be purely decorative (not adding any function), and it would include a custom background to fit with either a two- or three-column (your choice) Minima template, a custom header, a custom siggy, and an itty bitty icon to put next to the title of each of your posts.

In addition to the design I did here (my only WordPress design, the elements of which I could never hope to duplicate), you may find samples of my designs here and here.

I'll decorate the blogspot blogs of the first three blogspot bloggers who indicate their desire to Pay It Forward to three more bloggers by leaving a comment on this post.

Are you with me?

Ready, set, comment!