Friday, January 23, 2009

I'll Go Tell My Papa

A dear little friend of mine, not four years old, facing one day some big difficulty to her little heart, with a very wise shake of her head, said, "I'll go tell my papa."

Presently she came back, this time with every fiber of her little body strutting with the pride that shone in her eye, "Now, my papa's coming!"

Presently her papa came, she clasped her little hands and screamed with delight, and danced round about him, unspeakably confident in her papa.

Child of God, does something face you that terrifies your heart? Say, "I'll tell my Father." Then come back "boasting" in the Lord, "Now my Father's coming." And when He comes, you too will clasp your hands in rapture, your mouth will be filled with laughter, and you will be like one that dreams.

~ Oswald Chambers