Saturday, January 31, 2009

Game Day

While James

and Daddy

did this,

Jonathan and I did this.

He brought me the box out of the game cupboard and asked, "Mom, how do you play Scramble?"

I thought, Well, I'm just going to tell him the real rules. He likes words. Maybe he'll figure it out.

And he did.

I admit I helped him a little. And we also had ten tiles all the time instead of seven. And I tried to play the least amount of points I could find each time. But other than that, he beat me fair and square.

He was excited to win, and couldn't wait to find out what his Grand Total would be, but after he walloped me so severely, instead of gloating, he turned solemnly to me, gave me a conciliatory pat on the back, and said, "Sorry, Mom."

Then he insisted we shake hands and pointed out what a great photo op that would be.

Such a gentleman.