Friday, January 30, 2009

FileZilla Really Is A Monster

Okay, so remember how I whined about WordPress last week and complained that my plugins wouldn't work? 

And remember how I thought it was because my theme was too old and my WordPress was too new?

I was wrong on both counts. My theme did need to be updated, but only a little. And the update only took a few minutes, not several hours, as I had anticipated. And my plugins claimed themselves to be WordPress 2.7 compatible, and I saw them working on other 2.7 sites, so I realized that couldn't be the problem.

At a loss, I went back to reading lines of code to try to figure out what was wrong. Except I don't speak code, so it was very slow going. I specifically researched commentluv, but nothing I tried could get it to show up on my site.

Finally, after hours of fruitless squinting, tweaking, reloading, frowning, and squinting some more, I closed my eyes and cried out to Abba.

God sent me to the creator of commentluv, Andy Bailey. I explained to him I couldn't get commentluv to show up at all, and I had tried everything I could think of.

Andy answered immediately. He said my site wasn't loading my jquery library (whatever that is). He told me to look and see if I had a specific file I needed.

I went and looked for it.

It wasn't there. At all. And the folder it was supposed to be in wasn't there either. And the folder that the folder was supposed to be in wasn't there either. In fact, my main JavaScript folder was totally empty.

Do you know what this means? This means I worked for two months to get JavaScript functions to function on a blog with no JavaScript functionality. Not unlike the futility of a blind person wearing contacts. 


Andy assumed I knew more about web stuff than I do, so his instructions for my solution were a bit cryptic to my brain. I went to the Codex forums to see if someone else could explain what he was talking about.  I punched in "missing jquery" and voila! A whole string of solutions.

Know what was wrong? 

We used a buggy version of FileZilla to upgrade to WordPress 2.7. The bug? FileZilla did not load any of our subfolders!

So it's like we bought a shiny, new, red 2009 Chrysler Town & Country with Stow N Go seating, and we got in and enjoyed the lush interior for a while, and even popped in a DVD to ooh and ahh over the nifty entertainment system, and then we put the key in the ignition, and turned it, and nothing happened. And then we discovered, upon popping the hood, that the engine was missing. 

I had a fresh install of WP 2.7 on my desktop, so I went through it, file by file, to find the ones I was missing, and then uploaded them each manually, using my new, non-buggy version of FileZilla, onto my site, making good and sure they showed up where they were supposed to be.

Then I went to my site, clicked "reload" and beheld the magical wonder of working plugins. There was commentluv, in my comment section, happy as you please, as if it had been there all along. 

If only I had prayed about this a month ago! 

For the rest of the day yesterday, all of my plugins fell into place, one by one. I can't tell you how relieved I was to be able to simply follow each plugin's installation instructions without the ensuing headache of custom tweaking.

My favorite part was what God showed me (again) about praying over this site (again). It only took me an hour of trying to make Edit Comments XT 2.7-compatible before I remembered to surrender it to God, only to see my code tweak solution present itself in less than five minutes.

I am not saying praying over websites makes them work magically. God can do wahtever He wants, as we know. But I am in total awe of how swiftly He answers me after I ask for His help on this site. It is totally uncanny. 

I worked for a month on commentluv before I remembered to pray about it, and then God fixed it for me in less than a day. I worked for an hour on Edit Comments XT before I remembered to pray about it, and then God fixed it for me in less than five minutes. 

How often do I strive alone, in the building of this site, and in the living of my life, believing myself to be capable and independent, only to make no headway whatsoever? And how often does God ache for me to turn to Him and become like a little child, asking for my Daddy's help? He wants to be my hero all the time!

Just as He wants to be yours.

"Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls."
~Matthew 11:28-29 

PS If you have a blog, leave me a comment and experience the coolness of commentluv.