Thursday, January 15, 2009

*Almost* Older Than Dirt...

Recently, as Jeff and I stared with boredom at the freeway lanes in front of us, we heard a little voice pipe up from the backseat.

"Hey, Dad, do you remember when electricity was invented?"

We laughed, and I explained electricity came before Daddy. And it even came before Grandpa.

James was blown away. "WOAH!! Electricity is older than GRAMPA?!"


But our little first-grader is still learning to understand timelines. Today he wanted to know how many girl cousins he has. I said their names while he kept count on his little fingers. Five. And how many boy cousins? Four, counting the one in the oven. And ten cousins total, counting the other one in the oven whose gender is currently known only to God.

James mentioned the fact that his two oldest cousins probably looked really different than the last time he saw them. "Yep," I said, "They're almost grown-ups."

"Almost grown-ups? That means they're TEENagers! How old are they?" James asked.

"Well, let's see... one was born in 1993, so he'll be sixteen next September; he's 15 and a half. And the other was born in 1995, so he'll be 14 in March."

But James had stopped listening. He blurted, "Wait! My cousin was born in 1993? He was born in the nineteens?"

"Yep. They were both born in the 1990's."

"Wow," James replied with respect and awe, "they must have suffered from not having the invention of electricity..."

Ummm...not quite.

Especially since they're obviously younger than Daddy *and* Grandpa, both of whom were preceded by electricity, as previously determined.

Can't wait 'til James discovers his teen-aged cousins aren't even older than the Internet.

(Note to self: add electricity discoveries to school timeline.)