Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Little Grace With My Whine

I whine constantly about the state of my house. It's rarely as orderly as I'd like it to be. I use fibro as an excuse for this all the time.

But really, I just need to make my brain believe that doing the dishes is a task that must be continually repeated. Typically, I clean the whole kitchen, and then three days later, I walk into the kitchen and discover it's not clean anymore. And I'm shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

Same with the laundry. What? I thought I washed all the clothes! More clothes got dirty? How could this have happened?

But then, there really are days like today, and yesterday. Days in which I have great big plans to catch up, and days in which I vow that this time, I will stay caught up. Really and truly. And then I wake up too tired to think, and my great big plans slip between my fingers.

For the days when I could clean and I don't, there is grace. For the days when I want to clean and I can't, there is grace. For the days when I can clean and I do, there is grace.

I am God's beautiful daughter whether my house is clean or not. I have no need to whine, because God's grace is for every day.

What frustration does God's grace cover in your days?