Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The First Sign of Christmas

The boys had cabin fever yesterday. They bounced off the walls all day long. At one point, I entered the living room to find them both an inch from the TV screen, kneeling atop dining chairs they'd shoved as close to it as possible, methodically sticking and unsticking and resticking tiny toy suction cups all over the screen, apparently trying to "catch" various TV characters.

Jeff had a meeting last night, and with bedtime still a long, gaping, endless hour away, I was desperate. But December 1st came to my rescue with the perfect evening activity.

I took our shoe shelf that looks like this:

Exercising my supernatural weather powers, I caused a blizzard to descend upon it thus:

My giants-in-residence began orchestrating tiny lives and minute structures such as these:

They now find themselves happily presiding over their establishment, which will remain under their direct supervision until 2009:

It's called Snowville, and its inhabitants are about to be eaten by a giant basilisk:

And that, my friends, signals the beginning of our home's Christmas season.

How are you ringing in the holidays?

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