Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Eyes

I woke up early this morning. 5:30am. I try to sleep as long as possible onaccounta fibro, but one of fibro's symptoms is, of course, sleeplessness.

The street lamps outside lit the furniture in my living room just enough to cut me a clear path to my laptop.

I turned it on.

The screen sprang to life. I gasped and smashed my palms into my eyes, shielding them from the light. Ow!

After a second, I peeked one eyelid open and squinted blearily, waiting for my pupil to shrink. It actually hurt!

And then it struck me: if this little tiny laptop light hurts my eyes, no wonder Paul was struck blind on the road to Damascus.

Can you even imagine the brilliance of the light of God's glory? Our earthly eyes cannot bear it.

Yet someday, when we are made perfect, God will give us new eyes. Eyes that will be able to see His face. Eyes that will see Him not just once before we're blinded, but eyes that will gaze on Him again and again, for eternity.

I can't *wait* to see what God's face looks like!

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